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National Black Theater Festival 2022

The best time to be in Winston-Salem, NC is during the National Black Theater Festival! There, I said it! This city is beaming with so much cultural elegance and pride at no other time than during the first week of August. And after postponing due to the pandemic, the anticipation has many of us about to burst. Bring on the performances, the drums, the poetry, the fellowship, and the Excellence dripping in African garb.

As a native of the City of Arts and a member of Otesha Creative Arts Ensemble, I've experienced years of galas, parades, performances, and Bantabas during this week of Black Theater. I've seen dozens of plays that were amazing. Seen more celebrities and danced until I crashed in the wee hours of the morning. Some of the best memories were made during the #NBTF. Who remembers when the Bantaba was held down in the "hole" as we called it? It barely was big enough to hold the crowd, but the vibe was historic.

The first time I set up a table to sell my handmade items was outside the Embassy during this Festival. This year! Iya is in the building! I'll drop the details of Nature's Joy & Wellness Market soon! Stay tuned beautiful people!

*Remember the attire for the Reunion in November is ALL WHITE! Plan accordingly. ;)


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