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Yeye Lost Her Cool

I have been against driving a minivan ever since my third child was born. We were going to squeeze in the Prius. Yes, all the children were in the backseat. Elbowing and throwing tantrums because they were breathing on each other.

So when I was handed down the GMC Sierra, they could at least have a little more personal space. My daughter was old enough to sit upfront with me by then which was even better. And then I found out I was pregnant. Sigh...the elbow room would soon be gone.

Throughout my pregnancy climbing in and out of that truck was hell. Long story short, I caved. And here I am. Middle-aged cheer mom. Driving into the school parking lot in a new-to-me minivan to round up my last youngin from practice, as I felt the last drop of cool evaporate.

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