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Honoring Your Divine Design

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Nature's Joy & Wellness has adopted Divinity Design, Inc.!


We are all spiritual beings having earthly experiences. A lesson we all share in life is finding our divine gift and using it to fulfill our unique purpose.  Some discover their gift early in life. Some, like myself, need more time and experience to recognize and accept our gifts. Finding your gift can be the easy part of the journey since the universe will assist you by showing you over and over until you finally recognize what your talents are. The next step is implementing your gifts, talents, and abilities to uplift humanity, in turn fulfilling our collective purpose. 

I am happy to say that I recognize my gift and accept the challenge of helping humanity find its way back to nature. This disconnection from nature must be corrected and mended so we can heal collectively. The only way to correct any disease, be it physical, emotional, or mental is to honor the laws of nature. So I am here to help you return to the loving embrace of Mother Nature. The well-being of humanity is linked to the well-being of the earth. 


Social Change Sown in the Garden

The benefits of Community Gardens are generous. Community gardens, which are a type of community coalition, represent a collective intentional effort to create positive social change. Community gardens can provide a way to balance social, economic, and ecological forces in society. People who participate in community gardening are willing and able to work with others of diverse backgrounds for the common good. The voluntary association fostered in the garden can provide a way to create needed change on many levels.


Fruit and vegetable consumption is an easy way to avoid the risk of chronic disease. The lack of healthy food choices can be the result of the gap between people and where food is grown. Community gardens are a strategic way to develop interactions within a community and connect people with Mother Nature by growing their own food. Thus, gardening promotes a holistic understanding of food-related behaviors. Community gardening creates greater social capital and healthier diets.

Nature's Joy & Wellness is the canopy under which I place all my talents and gifts offered to my community. Please take a look at the services page to see how Nature's Joy & Wellness can assist you and yours.


Peace & Wellness,


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